PORT: Personal Overhead Rapid Transit

Facts and Figures (Deutschland)

Infrastructure Thousand km
Local Roads 457
Freeways 12.8
Federal Roads 39.7
State Roads 86.6
District Roads 91.7
Rail Network 37.7
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt ADAC (2011)
Fleet Million Vehicle
Car 42.9
Motorcycle 3.9
Truck 2.5
Tractor 2.0
Trailer 6.2
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt (2011)
New registrations of motor vehicles Million Vehicle
Car 3.2
Motorcycle 0.14
Truck 0.28
Tractor 0.04
Trailer 0.26
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt (2011)
Passenger Accommodation Billion
Motorized Individual Transport 57.1
Public Transport Vehicles (bus, tram) 8.9
Railroad 2.3
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt (2010)
Carriage of Goods Billion Ton
Road Freight Transport 3,37
Rail Transport 0.37
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt (2011)
Intra-Community Transport of Goods Billion Tonne-Kilometres
Road Freight Transport 460
Rail Transport 113
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt (2011)
Driving Performance Billion Vehicle km
Car 599
Truck 60.7
Tractor 16.9
Motorcycle 11.6
Other Vehicles 16.5
Federal Motorways 217.1
Source: ADAC (2010)
Driving Purposes
Vacation and Leisure Travel 43.0%
Professional and Educational Traffic 21.7%
Shopping Trips 16.4%
Business Trips 13.9%
Accompanying Trips (Bring and Fetching Persons) 5.1%
Source: Umweltbundesamt (2009)
Traffic Jam
Reports Traffic Jam 189 Thousand
Congestion Hours 185 Thousand
Total Congestion Length 450 Thousand Kilometers
Source: ADAC (2011)
Overall 2.3 million
Killed 4 thousand
Seriously Injured 69 thousand
Slightly Injured 323 thousand
Economic Costs (2008) 31 billion Euro
Economic Damage of an Accidental Deaths One million Euros
Source: Das Statistische Bundsamt Wikipedia (2011)
Probability of a traffic accident in life (life expectancy: 80 years)
Accident 200% (2 Accidents)
Die 0.4% (one of 250)
Seriously Injured 6.7% (one of 15)
Slightly Injured 31.5% (one of 3)
Construction Costs of Freeways
The cost of construction of freeways are heavily dependent on the circumstances of each route. Simple routes incur costs of about four to six million euros per km of motorway, with complex routes, such as with bridges and tunnels, the costs are much higher multiples. In addition to the construction costs will be added costs for the planning process, for advice and consulting services provided by external engineers, approval processes and for accompanying investments, namely for noise barriers, roadside vegetation and variable message signs. Accordingly, a sample calculation can in Germany an average cost of 26.8 million euros per km of motorway result, a quarter and three quarters pure construction costs are incremental costs.
Source: Wikipedia (2011)